Are pets allowed in your rentals?

Pets are not allowed in any of our rentals due to Owners Associations and possible health implications.

Do any of your rentals allow smoking?

No. The smell becomes tapped in upholstery, drapes, etc. and could effect those with allergies. In addition, a No Smoking policy reduces the chances of fire, burns, and damage to the property.

Can I see the agreement before I make a deposit?

Yes, and we encourage you to take a minute to review a copy of the basics of our agreement, as well as other useful information.

Can I rent a weekend or mini week?

Only on a last minute basis, if the unit is available. Our rentals normally run from Saturday to Saturday.

Berlin seems far from Ocean City. Why are you there?

Berlin is centrally located for all areas of town and incoming roadways.

Why does your site show internet/wifi but say not guaranteed?

Most units have wifi in the unit, a few have it in the building, and some owners do not provide access. As with any outside service (cable, electric, etc.) we cannot guarantee service.

How do I know how far the boardwalk is from a property?

The boardwalk runs from the inlet to 28th Street. However, most of the action is on the southern (inlet) part of town from around the 1st Street area south, where the boardwalk begins. So if the property you are looking at is at 67th St, then you are basically 40 blocks from the end of the boardwalk (27th Street). Ocean City ends at 146th street and Delaware begins.

Are linens included?

No; you must bring your own sheets, towels, face cloths, etc., or you can rent them from one of our local linen service companies. You will also need personal hygiene products (soap, toilet paper, shampoo, paper towels, etc.).

How do I understand the price range?

The lower figure would be early May and September, the higher figure would be from the July 4th week through the 2nd week in August (which are considered prime weeks).

What if there is a hurricane?

Beach Real Estate, Inc. cannot be held responsible for acts of nature. There are no refunds should the town be evacuated due to a cause of nature.